Too busy to take care of you?  Are you living for others and find your own health being put on the sideline?  I know because that was me.  

"Junk-food Junkie" should be my middle name!  I love all the "guilty-pleasure," rich foods...pastas, pastries, and sugar!  This is how Simple & Slim Solutions was born...meshing healthy with my junk-food affection!
You were created PERFECT just the way you are...
always know that.
But...if you would like to lead a healthier life...then look no further!  
Do you want some help achieving your health goals?  

Do you wish someone could walk you through exactly how to do it without skipping any steps?
Have you been wanting to get slim, have more energy, focus more, less inflammation, and sleep better?  Not only that...but do all of this in a private community where we are there for each other?  
Do you wish someone would just push the "simple" button for you so you can spend that time doing the things that you enjoy doing?  
What will you gain from joining our private 
Simple & Slim Solutions community?  
Pick the level of life-time support that 
works for you and your goals.
Level 1:  "Easy-Peasy" (valued over $72)
  • Entry into our private Simple & Slim Solutions Facebook community.
  • Every week: at least 4 new tried and true recipes posted in the group and emailed to you to print and save.
  • Recipes include low-carb breakfasts, lunches, dinners, appetizers, desserts, condiments, drinks, and alcoholic drinks.
  • Carbs Cheat Sheet-list of foods and # of carbs in each serving.
  • My Amazon Recommendations that have made our weight-loss journey so much easier.
  • My Walmart, HEB, Target, and Dollar Tree keto finds.
  • Which apps are best. 
  • Referral bonus:5 and 5:  $5 goes to you for referring a friend to Simple and Slim and $5 goes to them.
Level 2:  "The Go-Getter" (valued over $175)
  • ALL of Level 1+
  • My personal course modules on low-carb, keto, and intermittent fasting and the differences with each one.  My videos include printable (or savable) pdf files and some of the topics include detoxing from sugar as well as what toxins may be lurking in our personal care products.  I also discuss the many benefits of drinking enough water, an easy recipe for a body detox, how to have a positive mindset, which alcohol is fine for keeping your health goals, candida, and so much more!   
  • Biofeedback assessment to find out what your body really needs to thrive.
  • Free optional 10 Step Reset offered with prizes....great if you want that accountability!  10 days of yummy planned meals to help kickstart your low-carb journey!
  • Restaurant Survival Guide (including Fast Food and yes...also
  • Special Treat...extra low-carb recipes sent every week just to you!  Love pizza, bread, bagels, rolls (YES PLEASE!) can have all of that and while getting healthy!
Level 3:  "Whole-body Wellness" (valued over $250)
  • ALL of Level 1 and Level 2+
  • Whole-body Wellness survey to give specific support for aches and ailments.
  • My personal one-on-one attention and recommendations to support your whole-body balance...however long it takes.
  • Already done low-carb 6 weeks meal plans tailored just to you.
  • Optional exercise challenges with prizes.
  • Want a specific recipe for something...just ask!  
  • On the horizon:  Mindset with Aroma Freedom Technique to reset your mood and emotions giving you clarity, calm, and focus.  This will be happening with Jenn Kane, a certified AFT coach.
Lifetime Access 
to this private community with just 12 monthly payments!  That's cheaper than a Starbucks or a meal!  
Level 1: $72  $5
Level 2: $175  $9 
Level 3:  $250 $16
The "Buck Stops Here" on postponing YOUR health goals.  
We only get one life to live...make it your best life.  
I have proven that you CAN have your cake and eat it too!