For years…I felt helpless for our son, Corbin.


My husband, Chris, and I have 4 children and one of them…Corbin…was always sick.  Corbin is our cotton-topped, sweet, tender-hearted third child and our first two children were hardly ever sick but poor Corbin would always have ear infections as a baby.  I remember asking his pediatrician if we needed tubes because I felt like every couple of months he was coming down with an ear infection.  We respected our pediatrician so much and he would always tell us that he will grow out of them.  He did grow out of the constant ear infections but then we noticed that he was ALWAYS sick.  Anytime ANY illness was going around….whether it was strep throat, the flu, or a stomach virus…..our poor Corbin would get it.  It was almost a guarantee that he would get whatever it was that was going around the school…even though his other 3 siblings never got sick.  I chalked it up to his immune system being low and NEVER ONCE DID I RESEARCH WHY THIS WAS HAPPENING OR WHAT I COULD DO TO HELP HIM.   I just thought he was a sickly baby from the get-go so we would just have to deal with this.  He is a straight A student but would miss out on the rewards that his elementary school would give (extra recess, glow stick and dance parties) because he never got perfect attendance.  Finally, we came to our breaking point.  


By April 2017, Corbin (now 8 years old) had been diagnosed with strep throat FOUR MONTHS IN A ROW.   The last time he was diagnosed with strep…they also swabbed him for the flu and of course it was positive.  OUR POOR BOY.  Here he was…tears just running down his cheeks as they were swabbing his nose for the flu AND the back of his throat to check for strep.  IT WAS AWFUL.  As his mom…I felt so incredibly helpless.  That image of him fighting back the tears but then just letting them flow down his cheeks was the worst and one that I am not able to forget.  The pediatrician then sent us to the ENT and he told us that if he gets strep throat once more that his tonsils would have to come out.  We filled out the paperwork for the surgery because…well…this was Corbin and we KNEW we were going to be back to get that tonsillectomy.  The week before all this “went down” I was introduced to a product that a lot of people are talking about lately.  I didn’t know how it would work or even if it WOULD work.  As I am writing this…3 YEARS LATER…it still seems so surreal because our sweet Corbin has NOT BEEN BACK TO THE DOCTORS AT ALL!!  He never got a tonsillectomy nor has he ever been back to his pediatrician!  All the 8 years before have been nothing but doctors’ visits, antibiotics, diarrhea from the antibiotics, missing out on perfect attendance awards…EVERY SINGLE TIME, and most importantly…poor Corbin’s body was never healthy.  Even he can’t believe it and tells me just how thankful he is that I took control of his health.     


YOU are in control of YOUR family’s health…especially our children whose lives are entrusted in our hands.  Our health is one of the most precious gifts that we have and once we lose it….it is so hard to get it back.  Empower yourself with knowledge that we share in our exclusive community so that your family can also lead their best lives.  Ready to learn more?  Contact me.