I'm Diane Felux and I'm addicted to essential oils! Lol!
Well...to be honest...I am addicted to our natural health community whom I am blessed to serve.

I have been a leader with Young Living Essential Oils for over 5 years and I love that our family has stayed healthy during that time.  In a nutshell...our son used to always be sick and he almost had a tonsillectomy.  He hasn't been back to the doctor since and never did get that surgery because of our oils!

So...What would you like to learn about?

Young Living is the oldest and purest essential oil companies around and has natural, non-toxic products to support your home, personal care, babies, kids, fur-babies, and so much more!  You could even take the majority of their 1000+all-natural products internally and be just fine.  

Roller bottles are the easy way to get oils on you.  If there is something specific that you would like...just let me know.  I can make them for any ailment and for babies, kids, and furbabies also.
Here are some of the ailments but this list isn't limited (this is just to give you an idea).  
Burn relief, menstrual cramps, vertigo, digestion, sore muscles, allergies, asthma, happy hormones, liquid sleep, headache melt, joint support (arthritis), dry cough, fever fighter, stress-away, flu bomb, covid, immunity, grief, sore gums (babies), colic and so many more.
There are many ways to use natural products and it is easier than you think to support your family's bodies naturally.  One thing I forgot to mention earlier is how thrifty I am.  I have homemade items starting at 50 cents!  Items that will help heal your body naturally. 

1.  You can contact me directly (call/text) 210-373-5144 or email me at hello@dianefelux.com and let me know what support you are looking for.  I can make you something personally for you or a loved one. 

2.  Another way is to check out our Young Living catalog.  If you decide to get anything then you will receive all my recipes (for all of the above roller bottles and more) so you can support your family, welcome gifts tailored to your needs, and access to our VIP group with special tips, tricks, recipes, budget friendly ideas and more!

Want to learn more?  Our educational group on Facebook is open to all.

Every month we have an in-person make and take party and I offer a Digestive 30 Day Reset.  I post this on my website here:

If you see me around town...say Hi!  I love meeting new friends and look forward to answering all your questions.