Young Living Essential Oils
Peppermint Oil 
Young Living Oils are the purest essential oils and plant-based supplements.  Each oil bottle goes through 45 tests to make sure of it's purity.  There are never any pesticides or chemicals sprayed on the crops. 
They are safe for babies, kids, adults, and pets and most can be taken internally.
We have more than a thousand all-natural products including a non-toxic household cleaner, personal care products, makeup, supplements, and oils.

Enjoy these drops of peppermint oil.  You can put a drop on the back of your neck for cooling off, put a drop on your thumb and hold it to the roof of your mouth for sinus relief, put a drop on temples (keep away from eyes) for a migraine, and so many more uses.  
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Some other uses for peppermint oil:  
Fevers & Hot Flashes
Allergies & Hives
Gamma Radiation Exposure
Headaches & Migraines
Bad Breath
Asthma & Sinusitis
Decrease Milk Supply
Loss of Sense of Smell
Gastritis & Digestive Discomfort
Respiratory Infections (pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc)
Viral Infections
Fungal Infections/Candida
Skin Conditions (itchy skin, varicose veins, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis)
Scoliosis/lumbago/back problems