Our Young Living 
We trust Young Living Essential Oils because they are the oldest (over 26 years old) and purest essential oil company around.  There are absolutely no pesticides or chemicals on these crops and the lands have to be virgin lands.  Here is a short video explaining this stringent Seed To Seal Promise.  Seed To Seal
Lemon Oil
We will be using lemon oil to detox our bodies.  There are many differences between using lemon oil versus squeezed lemons which I will cover in the 10 day prep.    
This is an enzyme that we use to help digest our biggest meal of the day.  It helps with bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and any digestive issues.  If this one is out of stock (because it is that popular), get the Detoxzyme, item #3203 featured below.  
Life 9 Probiotic
80% of our immunity starts in our gut so when your gut is healthy...the rest of your body tends to stay healthy.  We take this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT...lol!  Even our kiddos take it and they haven't been sick in forever!  This is a must that we don't go without. 
You can explore any of the products with the link below or click on the individual links to go to that specific product mentioned.  Choose just one (or all 3) products as your entry into the Reset and receive all future Resets for free.  This is one of the many perks I offer to my Young Living team.  Once you order one of these from me, you will be entered into the Reset!  Also, by getting one of these products, you will also waive your $24 fee (this takes the place of that).  Shipping is always free over $100.