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   This Facebook group is for men and women wanting to learn how to use Young Living Essential Oils and Supplements to achieve maximum health....naturally.  This is open to everyone and you learn ways to save money with DIY recipes as well as hear personal testimonies on what is working for them.   
The 14 Day Reset is 14 days of drinking water, moving our bodies, eating clean, and drinking NingXia Red juice.  This is a drink that is full of phytonutrients and antioxidants that helps to detox and flush our bodies of inflammation, support digestion, immune systems, respiratory systems, 
sleep and more.  Once you click this picture 
then scroll down to see before and after pictures!

 WELCOME to the Sneak Peek Facebook Group!  If you are wanting to look at different testimonies from women and men doing the 14 Day Reset, then this is the place to be!  You will read about inches lost, 
inflammation gone, blood levels balancing and more.   

Here is a testimony from an aunt who was so super proud of her whole family...especially her 11 year old nephew.
Our biggest win as a family will always be our youngest lil' participant- My nephew, Jace, age 11. 
This is our 3rd Reset & there are 5 of us in my household total- 
But Jace is our inspiration. 🥹 
After 3 Resets, he has released a total of 23lbs & 28.5 inches! ... 
As an ADDED bonus, the 'teenage' cystic acne he was starting to develop quite badly on his face, neck & back has virtually DISAPPEARED! 😭
The transformation in him from November until now is truly astounding & I could never express my gratitude enough~ 
I've personally experienced enormous boosts in my energy levels, major reduction in chronic pain (sciatica), better sleep & have released a total of 17lbs since our 1st Reset... 
Also, over the past 5 years, YL products- Especially Ningxia Red- have assisted in reducing my need of 23 daily prescriptions, down to only 4. 
Since beginning the Reset in November & 
in a continuation of my own personal goal to be completely Rx free, I've been able to completely stop using another medication & reduce the dosages of 2 of the remaining 3 Rx's (300mg daily down to 50mg & 30mg daily down to 15mg). 
One of these medications, I've been taking for over 10 years & the other, over 5 years, so being able to reduce that need by 50% & 83% is a huge step in the right direction for me. 🥲

There are so many testimonies in this 14 Day Reset Sneak Peak FB Group and is open to all.
Ready to Reset?
You can do the Reset on your own anytime or 
start with us again on the 12th of February.

One of my many passions is natural health.
I have been a leader for Young Living Essential Oils for over 7 years. 
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P.S. I would like to send you some quick pictures of clean foods from Walmart and HEB (our local grocery store).  
This is nothing fancy...just a few of our go-to's for clean options especially for bread, tortillas, and more!