Get Ready To Take Control Of Your Health & Wellness
Regain balance in your life.

Our Journey...
We are Chris and Diane Felux.  We live in Texas, have 4 kiddos and stay busy with our kids' sports, church, and our community.  Over the past 5 months, Chris has lost 30 pounds and Diane has lost 14...all with not feeling deprived.  We still eat sweets, bread, tortillas, and more.  We are passionate about showing you step by step how we did it and give you the recipes and recommendations that we love.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE EASY!!  



"Is this Jumpstart & Cleanse for me?"
On average...everyone is losing about 3-7 pounds, finally getting better sleep, a healthier gut, 
and less sugar cravings.

Then this Jumpstart
starting March 22nd is for you!
"What can I expect from the Jumpstart?"  

"How can I join?" 
There are different options to chose from 
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    Pay a one-time $24 and then you're in.  
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Select 1, 2, or all 3 plant-based supplements to help speed your Jumpstart along.   Click on the button for an explanation of how to use these.  I recommend using all 3 to put rocket boosters during these 10 days.   Explanation of items

We have ONE life to live.  
What if 10 days could CHANGE 
the course of that?

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I'm not on that ok?
Yes!  Everything will be emailed to you.  FB is great for the community building and live videos but isn't necessary.

What if I'm gluten-free?
All of the recipes are low-carb and mostly all of them are gluten-free as well.  All the recipes are labeled accordingly.

Can I have alcohol on this Jumpstart?
Yes!  You will learn what brands and types of alcohol I recommend.

What is the expected commitment level?  
YOU DO YOU...In other words, put in however much effort you want. I will give you step by step instructions and tips that has been working for us.  You will be with a supportive community all moving in the same direction.  

Do I have to get one of those 3 items to do this?  
Is it recommended?
Yes!  Because all of Young Living's items are completely plant based...they are bio-identical to our bodies.  This means that our bodies absorb more nutrients than if the supplement did not have essential oils in it.  We will talk more about this but essentially, you don't want to be peeing out the supplement you are taking!!  Lol!  If you chose to get 1 or all 3 items, you will help to speed up your cleanse, digest your food better, and create a healthy gut.

Why did you pick these 3 items?
Young Living has many different items, including weight loss, detoxing, healthy gut, etc. but if you click the link will see the explanation of each of them.  We have been very successful with weight loss and getting healthier when we use these regularly.  

If I get one of these items does that mean I have to keep getting them or sell anything?
Absolutely not.  Getting one of these items will help you propel your health journey a little faster and easier.  

What if I have diabetes or a liver or thyroid issue...can I still do this? 
YES!  You will be taking in more carbohydrates than others will and I will explain all of this in the prep days.

What if I don't like to exercise?
That's neither!  We have been able to lose weight without much exercise because of chasing kids around!  You will still see results even if you don't exercise but if you do then of course your results will be greater.  

What if I miss the 7 days of prepping?  Is it necessary?  
If this is your first time doing this then wait for the next Jumpstart & Cleanse to come around.  If you have done this Jumpstart before then the 7 days of prepping isn't necessary.  

What if I have my Young Living account already?
If you are on my team (you will be getting my emails and weekly texts) then the Jumpstarts are always free.  This is a benefit I give to members on my team.  If you have a YL account and are on a different team then you can do this reset for the $24 and keep all the recipes even after the Jumpstart is done.  Doing this together is so valuable and not to mention fun!   

How do I become a member on your team?
You can click the button above and order one (or all) of those 3 items and you will automatically become a member on my team.  If you know one of the members on my team then you can get with them and they can help you place that order and then you will be on my team.     

What is Everyone Saying? 
"I learned to make myself a priority with the Jumpstart & Cleanse. I have lost up to 6 pounds while doing the program, but that is just the cherry on top.  The way I feel is the biggest WIN!  I feel more confident; have more energy; and feel in control over my eating not the other way around.  I have learned so much from Diane on how to shop and cook low carb.  The accountability of the program makes it really easy to stay on track.  Diane is an incredible motivator and educator.  The first time I ever did a jumpstart it ignited my love of exercise.  Every time I do the Jumpstart & Cleanse I learn something new to implement into my life!  Diane is so good at making things easy and taking baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle!  I can't say enough good about the Jumpstart & Cleanse Program!"  

Have other questions or want to know when the next Jumpstart will be?