Regular Lysol and Chlorox wipes come with a lot of toxins...believe it or not.  Go to (Environmental Working Group) to check out why they are rating both brands at a D grade.  They may be harmful to our respiratory system,  skin allergies and irritations, as well as developmental and reproductive toxicity....UMMMM...NO THANKS!  

Here is an easy recipe to make your own.  

1.  Mix the following in a large measuring cup or pitcher
3 cups ( at least 70%) rubbing alcohol or at least 140 proof drinkable grain alcohols...the kind you can drink
3/4 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide
20 drops lemon essential oil
15 drops clove essential oil
10 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
5 drops eucalyptus radiata essential oil
5 drops rosemary essential oil
instead of these different oils...just do 50 drops of Young Living Thieves Essential oil.  This Thieves blend uses those same oils and this makes it easier.    

2.  Pour some of this mixture into your wipes container...I use ones from Walmart in the isle by the canning items.

3.  Cut a roll of Bounty wipes (make sure to use Bounty) in half using an electric knife or put some Bounty napkins in a plastic baggie or something stronger.

4.  Put the roll in the liquid in the container and then pour the rest of the liquid over the roll...carefully soaking the middle and everything.  You can then pull the cardboard out from the middle and pull a paper towel out from the middle as well.

5.  When you wipe down items...let them air dry.  

Enjoy this recipe...the hardest part is to cut that roll of paper towels!  

For more recipes, join us in our free Facebook community...(7) Living ABOVE the Wellness Line with Young Living Essential Oils | Facebook.  You can also checkout our website at for a different monthly recipe as well as the product guide.  If you decide to get the Thieves oil then I will send you the Thieves Cleaner as my gift to you.  It has the same non-toxic power as the oil and we use this on everything!  
Have fun!


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